How People Use My Music

Kristen is a Reiki Master and Meditation Coach

Prior to CoVid, Kristen taught Reiki, meditation, and other wellness classes aimed at living a more centered, gracious life. A new creative endeavour arose from the many changes of the last couple of years, and she began recording her meditations. Now, with her latest recordings backed by the lovely royalty-free music of, she shares them on her podcast, Dandelion Doorways.

Listen to Kristen’s podcast and meditations on Spotify

Laura is a Hypnotherapist

Laura is a Hypnotherapist who takes her clients on deep inner journeys like past life regression and healing generational trauma. Restful Mind music has the perfect ethereal sound for her clients that enjoy background music and an even more relaxation-inducing atmosphere. She’s also a meditation enthusiast who records guided meditations with music for her YouTube channel, Therapy Meditations. As a bonus, her 10yr old son falls asleep to this music as well.