The Composer

Hey You

My name is Maura ten Hoopen. I’m a music producer from the Netherlands, graduated at the Herman Brood Academie Utrecht in dance music production. All music on this website is created by me with lots of fun and passion!

My Journey

Like most musicians, my passion for music started at an early age. As a teenager I started writing songs to release some of my emotions and to share what I was going through. Not much later I began performing with my guitar as a singer-songwriter. When I found the courage to enter a student singer-songwriter competition, it definitely took me by surprise that I won. But music wise I felt there was something missing…

I wanted to learn more about music production, because I felt I couldn’t express myself fully by singing and playing guitar. So I decided to study ‘dance music production’ at the ‘Herman Brood Academie’. After 3 years I was the first woman to graduate there.

In 2016 I was active as a DJ and singer by the artist name: Maura Hope. I released music in collaboration with other artists and there was a lot of excitement during that time. But soon I discovered the DJ scene wasn’t for me, as I’m an introvert who likes to go to bed before midnight.

While studying physical therapy, I was looking for ways to deal with the stress of being a busy student. I decided to start meditating with music and it seemed to be working wonders. A friend of mine told me about the meditation app ‘Insighttimer’ where musicians can share their relaxing music with users. I decided to give meditation music a try, and I fell in love… 

Relaxing Music For Coaches & Teachers

I got so many lovely reactions on my music at the ‘Insighttimer’ app, that I decided to find a way to share this music with people who’d like to use it themselves. That is when was made.

Thank you for using my music in your amazing projects! It means the world to me.

Curious what my musical life looks like? I post stories of my days on my instagram.