How It Works


  • Use the music in the background of your created project (a guided meditation, video, documentary, hypnosis, etc)
  • Sell your created project with the music as a background track
  • Use the music with clients: guided meditations, hypnosis, yoga class
  • Edit the music: looping it, cutting it, applying fade-ins and fade-outs


  • Steal the music without purchasing a license
  • Sell or repost the music as music track only
  • Sell or repost the music as music track only with subtle changes
  • Remix the music or make vocal versions
  • Sending the music to others


  1. Go to: Browse Music to pick a track that fits your project
  2. Download a preview and try out in your creation
  3. Purchase the music & download
  4. You will receive an invoice by e-mail with a link to download your license
  5. Use the music and enjoy! 
  6. Give credits: “Music by Maura ten Hoopen. Licensed from”

         Leave a review at your chosen track