What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music is music that you can legally use by paying a one-time license fee instead of paying ongoing fees. The price is usually higher than music where you do pay royalties because this is an easy and quick way of using music for your own projects and you can even earn money by creating your own products with this music.

Is royalty-free the same as copyright free?

These two get mixed up a lot, but the answer is: No, they are not the same. Copyright-free music is very rare because when music is created the copyright is automatically owned by the creator.
Royalty-free music has copyright, but you can use it without any trouble by buying the license. This is a popular way of using music because you don’t have to pay ongoing royalties.

How does it work?

You can purchase and download your relaxing background song of choice on our Shop page from this website. After purchase, you can download the music right away and you’ll receive an invoice by email with a link to download the license. Your invoice and license are all you need to prove the legal rights to use our music for your project.

What can I use the music for?

You can use our music for guided meditations, hypnosis, yoga classes, web videos, and more. You can read all the terms in the license.

Can you make exclusive music custom-made for my project?

Yes, if you click here, you will find more information about composing for projects. Contact me with information about the project and your desires and we can discuss the options.