About Me

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Let me share a bit about myself an why I believe i can help you transform your life. 

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I was the first woman to study and graduate in dance music production at my institution, which was both a personal challenge and a significant achievement. I’ve performed, studied, and worked as a Dj, constantly pushing myself to do things I never thought I could. Despite not having much support in the music industry, I overcame my own limiting beliefs and pursued my goals relentlessly. 

This adventurous spirit extends into my fitness and health journey as well. With a background in physical therapy, I’ve worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, helping people achieve balanced lives and reach their fitness goals. I’ve led group classes like Body Pump and worked with diverse groups.

A few years ago, I took a leap of faith, sold everything I owned in the Netherlands, and moved to Egypt with just a backpack. I lived there for two years, deeply focusing on personal growth and healing. This period was transformative; I worked through many inner beliefs and traumas with the help of my own coach and extensive self-work. During this time, I also built my business Restful Mind, selling my own relaxing music. Despite not having guidance or support, I managed to build this business up from the ground, proving to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to.  

As a highly sensitive and intuitive person, I’ve always seen the world a bit differently, often noticing details and nuances that others might miss. For anyone who knows about Human Design; I am a Projector, which means I have a unique ability to see things clearly and analyse situations deeply. This ability, combined with my passion for personal growth, drives me to help others in their personal growth and helping them achieve their dreams. If you’re ready to transform, I’m here for you.