Restful Mind

Royalty Free Relaxing Music

Royalty-Free Relaxing Music

Are you looking for relaxing or calm background music for your own project?
For example a guided meditation, a youtube video, or hypnosis.
Browse through our available music and download a free demo to try out.

Meet the Composer

Hey! My name is Maura ten Hoopen, I’m a music producer and composer from the Netherlands.
I started Restful Mind to share relaxing music with the world for stress relief, better sleep, meditations and just to enjoy! I wish for everyone to experience less stress and feel the freedom of a calm mind.

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We write articles about music composing, meditations, stress relief, sleep, the law of attraction, health, relaxation, and many more subjects that might interest you. See if there’s anything that speaks to you.

Music Composing for Media

Do you need music specifically made for your film, documentary, game, or another project? Our composer Maura ten Hoopen has experience in different areas and styles. Have a look at some of her projects: