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For guided meditations, hypnosis, yoga and healing

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Welcome to Restful Mind, where my ultimate goal is to create the most serene and healing background music for you and your clients. All music in this webshop is made through intuitive guidance, expertise, compassion, and attention to detail. Want to learn more about me? Thank you for taking the time.

Easy steps

Scroll through my music, listen to the demos, and pick what sounds most suitable for your purpose. After purchase, download the music right away! Receive your invoice and license in your inbox. Now you are ready to use Restful Mind Music in the background of your sessions and creations. Not sure yet? Try my free music first.

Use The Music

  • You cannot use Restful Mind music to create “music only” products, videos, or services. Any recording, video, or Livestream you create with Restful Mind music, must include a voice-over of some kind. For details read the music license.
  • You can sell and stream as many voice recordings or videos with Restful Mind music in the background as you like. 
  • Examples: You can use it in the background of your guided meditations, guided hypnosis, during yoga classes, in the background of YouTube videos or play it during podcasts. 
  • You can use the track you purchased as often as preferred for different projects and creations.