Where To Find Royalty-Free Music For Guided Meditations?

When creating guided meditations, it is helpful to add royalty free meditation music in the background to support the listener in achieving a meditative state. Many sources offer royalty-free music. In this blog post, I will share three sites that specialize in providing high-quality meditation music. Enjoy the process of creating your meditation!

Where to find royalty free music for guided meditation?

3 Best places to find royalty-free music for guided meditations

As someone who creates royalty-free meditation music, I am very particular about where I personally would purchase music. There are only three sites that come to mind, and I am sure they will all provide you with quality music.

Royalty Free Music For Guided Meditations

Enlightened Audio

This site is very popular for royalty-free meditation music. It has a calm layout and is easy to use. They offer music in the range of $75 to $90 USD, and it is possible to get a discount if you purchase a credit pack in advance. The music you’ll find here is of high quality, made by a talented composer named Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

royalty free meditation music

Restful Mind

Our own website offers both meditation music and meditation blogs. You will easily find what you’re looking for. We even offer four completely free tracks to use in your guided meditations so that you can get to know our style. I can guarantee you that all our music is made with love and high quality. Prices range from €9.99 to €29.

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Indie Music Box

This site offers royalty-free meditation music and music for films, classes, and videos. The composer, Chris Collins, is a talented creator who specializes in ambient music. Chris offers music for varying prices in numerous styles. For people who are not into the lighter colors of the other two sites, his website layout might appeal to you more.

Written by Maura ten Hoopen

Written by Maura ten Hoopen

Founder of Restful Mind || Meditation + Hypnosis Music and Blogs

Maura ten Hoopen is the talented composer and founder of Restful Mind! She pursued her passion for music by graduating from dance music production at the Herman Brood Academy in the Netherlands. Her royalty-free relaxing music is a reflection of her passionate approach to meditation music. She also created a community by starting the Restful Mind blog written by coaches, for coaches. 

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